Hypospadias: Birth defect of the penis in Embryological Development.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Hypospadias Causes
  3. Incidence of Hypospadia
  4. Reconstructive Hypospadias Repair
  5. Hypospadias Surgery Risks
  6. Post Hypospadias Infection control

Post Hypospadias Infection control

Various post surgical dressing methods and techniques are used depending on the type and severity. Surgical techniques and approaches to dressings vary between surgeons.

A recent innovation is the creation of a protective housing covering the entire surgical area. This is called a genital shield. The semi flexible absorbent shield protects the penis and scrotum from direct contact with the diaper or nappy. This reduces pressure and friction on the surgical area whilst also limiting faecal contact with the wound dressings.

The benefits in reducing possible penile torsion and swelling are obvious as is the benefit for the comfort of the baby. This latter factor is frequently under played as most patients are not yet able to verbalise pain and discomfort.

This genital shield is also of benefit to infants undergoing circumcision. The majority of circumcisions are carried out in neonatal or infant settings. The newly exposed penile glans following the circumcision, as well as the actual surgical area is naturally sensitive. The device assists by holding the nappy away form the surgical dressing. The device provides a natural healing environment.

Bobbi Baby Shield after Hypospadias repair

Slightly off the subject Hypospadias

There is currently a resurgence of interest in circumcision by parents following medical research showing a 60% reduction in female to male HIV transmission for circumcised males. The link seems to be the foreskin which has an abundant supply of receptors for HIV entry. This research has been officially endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a strategy to reduce HIV infection.

Circumcision itself is not a panacea for prevention of HIV transmission and it must be used in conjunction with other strategies. However, it is one of the available methods for reducing infection by HIV.

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