Bobbi Baby Shield designed for post circumcision care

Bobbi Baby Shield Design

  1. The Bobbi Shield is designed as a disposable product that can be discarded in the same waste stream as the diaper. This prevents the care giver having to separate the diaper and shield at the point of disposal.
  2. The shield is manufactured from a material that is hypoallergenic and that will not interact with the human body.
  3. The shield is lightweight ensuring comfort for the baby. The material is also flexible allowing for body position and movement from the infant.
  4. The Bobbi Shield material is absorbent attracting and holding significant fluid whilst still remaining in a shaped form. The shield material allows for the transmission of fluids into the diaper which is designed with hygroscopic materials for fluid retention.
  5. The shape of the shield is vital for effective functioning. The base of the shield rests on the abdomen area and the apex extends between the legs. This allows for the shield to rest naturally within the anatomical shape of the infant. The infants penis is held out of direct physical contact with surfaces. The scrotum is included resulting in faecal matter passed by the infant to reside on the external surfaces of the shield.
  6. The Bobbi Baby Shield size is designed to accommodate infants from newborn size through to two years covering the periods wherein both circumcision and hypospadias repairs are conducted.
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