Bobbi Shield benefits infants post circumcision surgery

Circumcision surgery Hygiene Apparatus

Circumcision Recovery Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of infection after Circumcision Surgery.
  • Prevents direct genital contact with a soiled diaper post Circumcision Surgery.
  • Prevents direct pressure between the diaper and surgical site.
  • Faecal contact is minimised from the surgical site and bandage.
  • The material is ultra absorbent keeping the genitals as dry as possible.
  • The shield is anatomically moulded and lightweight.
  • An inspection port is provided for correct and easy positioning.
  • The shields adhesive strip sticks to the diapers inside lining, keeping it in place.

The carefully crafted Bobbi Baby Shield Patented Design is manufactured to the highest standards and is designed as a Disposable Medical Device to be discarded with each diaper change for the best circumcision recovery.

Circumcision Recovery Features

  • Ergonomically designed to fit round baby’s legs.
  • Adhesive pads to ensure a secure fit in the diaper.
  • Inspection port for correct positioning.
  • Gentle padding for added comfort.
  • Release liner to preserve adhesive.
  • Padded base for comfortable placement on lower abdomen.
  • Ultra absorbent to keep operation site drier.
  • Promotes healing for the best circumcision recovery.
  • Disposable and supplied in convenient packs of 5.
  • A baby’s diaper is changed on average six times per day. The post circumcision care recovery period is approximately ­5 days.

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