Hygiene is Essential post Hypospadias repair or Circumcision Surgery

Hypospadias Repair or Circumcision care for infants

Any surgical intervention to an Infant boys penis, be it Circumcision, Epispadias repair or a Hypospadias repair, requires post surgery infection control.These procedures also leave some particularly sensitive tissues open to diaper contact, causing discomfort and pain to the boys penis.

Any infection to the penis can cause swelling, inflammatory reactions and the infant distress.This in turn delays the recovery period. In some cases this leaves the newborn’s penis open to further complications requiring further medical intervention.

The BoBBi Baby Shield was developed with the assistance of leading Urology and Paediatric specialists to address these areas of concern.

  • Bobbi Baby Shield forms a barrier to create distance between the genitals and the diaper helping alleviate the pain and irritation caused by diaper contact with the healing penis.
  • BoBBi Baby Shield,as a result of its anatomical shape, which includes covering the scrotum, prevents the entry of faecal matter onto the genital area.

Protect your newborn’s penis with the BoBBi Baby Shield?

If your child has under gone a Hypospadias Repair or Circumcisionthe Bobbi Shield helps prevent penis infections and promotes comfort in post circumcision surgery and it ensures the comfort and Genital Hygiene of the child.

  • The moulded structure of the BoBBi Baby Shield which is “worn inside the diaper”, creates a physical barrier between the newborn boy’s genitals and the diaper. This create a space for healing to take place.
  • The Bobbi Shield is lightweight ensuring maximum comfort for the baby. The material is also flexible allowing for body position and movement from the infant.
  • Using the BoBBi Baby Shield during the post surgical recovery period allows for the baby to be ‘burped’ or winded either over the shoulder or on the lap, without causing discomfort and physical pressure to his circumcised penis.
  • Faecal contact is minimised from the surgical site and bandage, reducing the risk of Infection.
  • The Bobbi Shield hypoallergenic material allows for the transmission of fluids into the diaper.
  • The Bobbi Shield material is absorbent, attracting and holding significant fluids whilst still remaining in a shaped form.

Protecting thousands of baby boys worldwide

BoBBi Baby Shield is trusted by leading Paediatric Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals in the post operative care for Circumcision surgery or Hypospadias repair

Interventions requiring the Use of the BoBBi Baby Shield

Hypospadias  is a medical conditions which requires surgical intervention.

Epispadias is a rare condition that will also require genital surgery.

Circumcision surgery is done for religious, cultural or health reasons.



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