After circumcision use the Bobbi Baby Shield for infection control

Post Circumcision or Hypospadias Infection Control

The Bobbi Baby Shield is placed over the circumcision or hypospadias site at conclusion of the procedure. The shield is correctly positioned with the apex of the triangle facing downwards between the infants legs and includes covering the scrotum as well as the newborn’s penis.

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The inspection port or hole in the shield enables visual positioning of the shield ensuring the penis and scrotum are securely covered by the shield.

The Bobbi shield is a single use device which should be discarded at each diaper change. The shield has glue spots on the outer surface covered by a removable paper liner. This liner should be removed to expose the glue which causes the shield to adhere to the diaper. This holds the shield in position and facilitates removal of the soiled shield at each diaper change as the shield is automatically removed with the diaper. The shield is discarded in the same waste stream as the diaper.

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The shield should be utilised until there is a closure of the wound with intact skin in place. This will vary in time duration but such healing should be complete within a day or two following a circumcision surgery. The type of procedure utilised by the physician will also determine the duration of healing and such advice should be requested from the attending doctor.

Hypospadias surgery is generally more complex and the consequent healing period is significantly longer than that of a circumcision. The shield could be utilised for a five to seven day period.

The shield is presented in packs of five allowing for flexibility in purchases to match the surgery that has been conducted.

The Bobbi Shield is designed as a single use device to be used and discarded with each diaper change.

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